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Curse of Strahd adventure generator

Are you running a Curse of Strahd or other game set in Barovia? Have some curious players or looking for new ways of keeping things interesting yourself? Well here's a little adventure generator to help keep your exploration, adventure, and storytelling going strong! You can roll three d20s on this table to quickly spin up an idea for a new adventure, whether a rumour heard at the inn, assigned to the adventurers from an NPC, or via some other method of your choosing.

3d20 Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3
1 Find the Undead Vistana traveler In the Town of Vallaki
2 Burn the Headless person Of Tser Falls
3 Stalk the Pitchfork-carrying mob Killing town pets
4 Summon the Old book In the Village of Krezk
5 Vindicate the Forgotten hamlet Of the temple
6 Exhume the Lost building Murdering townsfolk
7 Battle the Possessed child In the Village of Barovia
8 Trap the Spirit Causing madness
9 Scare the Crying child with no face Of the child's game
10 Run from the Vampire/s Along Old Svalich Road
11 Appeal to the Swarm/s of maggots Of the crumbled tower
12 Impress the Competing serial killers Enslaving townsfolk
13 Catch the Werewolf In River Ivlis
14 Possess the Rotting corpse/s Of Lake Zarovich
15 Stop the Leper/s Cursing/corrupting items
16 Infect the Camp In a hidden graveyard
17 Free the Coffin/s Of Svalich Woods
18 Cleanse the Tattered carriage Defiling the town's food and water
19 Bury the Love letter In/on Mount Baratok
20 Party with the Bones Of the innocent

Open to interpretation

As you roll (or manually mix) columns you may find that things are open to interpretation. For example, you'll have to decide what it means to "cleanse" something. Or maybe you leave that up to your players. Mind you, then they may just end up giving werewolves baths. Some of the interpretation of columns also means deciding if you're going to add an oxford column between the second and third column or not, as sometimes that can vastly change the interpretation of things.

Choosing what to reveal

A general tip with horror, comedy, and thriller type stories is not to reveal upfront to those experiencing things what's going on. Keep in mind that adventure seeds such as these may be best played close to the chest. Maybe don't reveal upfront to the players that you're off to party with the bones of the innocent.

Think about why

This generator gives you seeds for an adventure. You as the DM need to come up with why that's happening and what the payoff is at the end, both financially and narratively.

Tell me about it

Lastly, I'd love to hear what your adventures are like! What's so enjoyable about prompts from a generator is to find out how they were interpreted. If you use this table to come up with something neat, share it with @bugandclaw on Twitter.

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