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Grim Accoutrements is here!

It's finally here! Grim Accoutrements is available on Itch, now!

This book is about adding dark flavour to your role-playing games

While this supplement has been geared towards Old School Essentials (OSE) and Pathfinder, the tables can be adapted to most fantasy games. For example, monsters have been given OSE and Pathfinder stat blocks but tables for adventures generation, horror pocket filler, and more could be used with any system.

When and where to use

The tables, creatures, and pocket filler inside are for use in horror and macabre campaigns or just because. Whether your game is always a little grim or you’re just darkening it up for a temporary theme, there’s a splattering of everything here for good coverage. Most tables are flavour-related and can be introduced at your whim, though you may want to generate a full adventure and string together some macabre loot and a nightmare-worthy monster.

Choosing what to reveal

A general tip with horror, comedy, and thriller-type stories is not to reveal upfront to those experiencing things (your players or your viewers if you’re doing a live stream) what’s going on. Keep in mind that adventure seeds, trinkets, or monsters with grim backstories or effects may be best played close to the chest. In other words, maybe don’t reveal upfront to the players that you’re off to party with the bones of the innocent. Spin an interesting yarn to cover what’s actually going on.

Be conscious of your table

We all want to run and play in games that are fun. Before introducing potentially scary or grotesque content, ask people if it’s okay. Ask them how best to include it to make them comfortable and if there’s anything you should avoid. Discuss it as a group, but also one on one and don’t out anyone that might be uncomfortable. Let’s make gaming a safe place. Except for monsters.


  • D100 Insidious Rumours
  • D20 Forbidden Books
  • D100 Horror Pocket Filler
  • D20 Grim Accoutrements
  • Vile Adventure Generator
  • Dungeon: The Family Mausoleum
  • Dungeon: Ek Manor
  • D100 Nightmares
  • D20 Creepy Cats
  • Ghoulish Goats, Crooked Corvids and Diseased Deer
  • Foul NPC Generator
  • 10 Monsters of Horror

55 pages, including front and back covers, table of contents, credits, and intro.

Requires Old-School Essentials (OSE) or Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

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Thank you!

Thank you for supporting my work and a Monkey’s Lunch book. This book has been a labour of love, yes, but also a huge labour of learning and experimentation. This was me finding my voice, trying new illustration methods, tools, and more. Which means the future is exciting. Stay tuned for more neat stuff. I’d like to thank my players who unknowingly helped play test a lot of Grim Accoutrements. And a big thanks to my wife, Ashley, for getting me into horror in the first place as well as putting up with my awkward neuro-divergent focus whenever I was working on this supplement. – Spencer

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Spice up your horror campaigns and adventures

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