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Introducing Monkey's Lunch!

Welcome to Monkeyslunch (aka Monkey's Lunch, aka ML), a new company focusing on fiction and tabletop escapism through simple & approachable rules, rich lore, and inclusivity! 🎉

If you were aware of Bug & Claw before this, it is now a part of Monkeyslunch. All Bug & Claw activities will continue but under its own website at bugandclaw.com.

What's Monkeyslunch about?

  • Respect & empathy. Hate has no place here or in the things we create.
  • Fun > Profit. We do this because we enjoy it first and foremost.
  • Ease. We remove barriers to play and ease of play.
  • Original games
  • Epic stories
  • DM & community resources
  • The odd supplement for games you know
  • Adventures
  • Read more about what, who, and why, on the about page

What are working on now?

  • Bug & Claw – Our flagship game – Hundreds of thousands of years in the future, people are no more and mutant arthropods rule the world in this OSR tabletop roleplaying game!
  • The Wilds – A solo journaling game about legendary companions and the memorable quests you shared.
  • Oligarch – Be a privileged dumb billionaire in this solo TTRPG.
  • Grim Accoutrements – Add some flavour to your horror campaigns with this supplement for OSR & D&D games.
  • 1000 Trinkets project
  • Untitled cat project
  • Untitled Grung project