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Saltmarsh Adventure Generator

Saltmarsh and the surrounding areas are ripe for extended exploration, adventure, and storytelling. Why stop at the Ghosts of Saltmarsh when you can spin up new adventures filled with peril, mystery, and treasure! You can roll three d20s on this table to quickly spin up an idea for a new adventure, whether a rumour heard at the docks or pub, or assigned to the adventurers from an NPC.

3d20 Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3
1 Find the Smuggler In the Depths
2 Sink the Fishermen Of the cave system
3 Rearrange the Council Framing townsfolk
4 Build for the Loyalists In the Drowned Forest
5 Replace the Traditionalists Of the docks
6 Imitate the Scarlet Brotherhood Enchanting townsfolk
7 Battle the Dwarven miner In Burle
8 Teach the Goblins Murdering townsfolk
9 Judge the Fisher Of the secret operation
10 Run from the Sahuagin In Saltmarsh
11 Study the Drowned Of the old inn
12 Impress the Lizardfolk Enslaving townsfolk
13 Catch the Locathah In Dunwater River
14 Use the Merfolk Of the shipwreck
15 Stop the Pirate Smuggling illicit goods
16 Steal the Camp In the Hool Marshes
17 Free the Chest Of the reef
18 Enchant the Ship Tainting the town's food
19 Sail the Map In the Azure Sea
20 Party with the Bones Of the inebriated story

What's so enjoyable about prompts from a generator or otherwise is to find out how they were interpreted. If you use this table to come up with something neat, share it with @bugandclaw.

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