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Wilds devlog #4 - Companions

It's been a while since I've shared an update on the game still tentatively named "The Wilds," but it's very much in progress. I've had a lot of fun balancing the dark, horror content of Grim Accoutrements with the lighter fantasy and whimsy of what this game is becoming. Below, you can see where some of the potential companions have netted out. This is a solo game where every play through you randomly get a different type of companion, each with their own benefits. My wife has been helping me flesh out the companion types, their details, traits, and other things that make them interesting, which has been a lot of fun. Meanwhile, I've been balancing out the selections as much as possible. More updates to come in the coming months.

Roll 2D6, the first number tells you which table to look at, and the second number tells you which companion type you have. Alternatively, you can choose one or make up your own.

ONE - Swift beasts

D6 Companion
1 Dire wolf
2 Giant salamander
3 Bern aardvark
4 Prism pig
5 Chop fox
6 Glim goat

TWO - Great beasts

D6 Companion
1 Giant caterpillar
2 Giant beetle
3 Polar bear
4 Giant slug
5 Curly orangutan
6 Woolly spider

THREE - Small beasts

D6 Companion
1 Snow crow
2 Hen horse
3 Happo
4 Oiter
5 Pelicat
6 Skrunk

FOUR - Tiny Beasts

D6 Companion
1 Light snake
2 Whisper mouse
3 Scream cat
4 Frog of seasons
5 Flying fish
6 Iron hopper

FIVE - Elementals

D6 Companion
1 Dumpy
2 Low cloud
3 Zip fae
4 Fire fae
5 Sandchak
6 Karrakka

SIX - Spirits

D6 Companion
1 Human ghost
2 Dust devil
3 Hare spirit
4 Eyed-mist
5 Moo
6 Wraith